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Birth chart Reading

Atlantis Explained: unraveling the Myth

97 euros/mo

Plato has left behind a wealth of deep spiritual texts decoded through myths. He was the first to provide us in his written testament amongst others with the description of Atlantis, the explanation of the Twin Flame Union,  the quantum mechanics of the Universe, the fall of the Soul from higher to lower dimensions, the process of incarnation, etc. 
This rich well of spiritual knowledge is the Great Heritage of human civilization and is waiting for us for eons to decode it and finally extract the distilled wisdom and the medicine of its essence.
Luckily enough, today we hold the scientific tools and terminology, as well as the spiritual awareness and experience to unlock the meaning of these texts and update their message, to finally fit our ever-ascending level of consciousness.
Join me as we dive deeper into the Truth of the Myth, find the keys that unlock the texts, and restore their original meaning.
Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of all time, provides us with the answers that so graciously our generation is ready to understand.  Believed by many to be a contactee or channeler himself of higher interdimensional beings, he surely inherited us with priceless wealth.
Ready to tune into the higher resonance of his Word?

This is a study group for Soul who seek to have a deeper understanding of the ascension process of humanity, to connect their memory and personal experience through past lives to Atlantis and what it represented, to find answers in the coherence of our primordial past and future perspective of history, to broaden their awareness of how quantum healing works, to play a key role as Light Leaders to the wisdom that our DNA and cosmic consciousness demands us to.

Remember, knowledge is the key to the future!

We meet twice a month on weekends. I will be curating the process, as an art theorist myself, of discussing and decoding the hidden meaning of the texts.

You are welcome to bring your perception and view of the writings as well as your personal experience as channelers, and past life experiencers, to see where the Myth, cosmic awareness, and experience intersect opening new pathways to what Atlantis was truly about!

The investment for the study group is 97 euros/month for a long as you want to engage into the conversation with these ancient texts (you can cancel any time). But from my experience as an art theorist, the longer you engage into the connection the deeper the understanding and the expansion of cosnciousness.

Join me and become one with the great Spirit of Plato, guiding us into the mysteries of the ancient world

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Birth chart Reading

Chiron: your healing blueprint 

350 euros/ 1 hr

This is a quantum reading of the healing frequencies in your natal astrological chart through your Chiron placement. 

Chiron or the Wounded Healer is an asteroid that holds all the frequencies of how your healing energy can be expressed, activated, implemented and finally be of service to others in this incarnation. 

Since every placement is unique in a chart, the way that healing can be embodied through you is also unique. 
The sign, the house, the degree of Chiron as well as the aspects with other placements, points, energy portals and/or star portlas in your natal chart hold a specific frequency. That means a specific meaning of how this can be emotionally, spiritually, physically expressed fully. 

Understanding our deeper healing frequency helps us navigate all trauma-based reactions, cleanse all energetic blocks and align with the light that our wounds - even from past lifes - hold. Our wounds are a portal to higher states of consciousness and to our connection with other and the Universe.

One of the most significant aspects of decoding the Chiron frequency is the way that we can eventually show up for others and use our own healing journey to be of services to the collective and help others heal their own wounds and overcome all trauma-based reactions that keep us stuck in lower vibrations.
It's no coincidence that the symbol of Chiron resembles to a key. Because it is.

Our healing, from past-life to ascestral and from transgenerational to intergalactic is the true path to understanding the Cosmos and joining the great family that is the Universe, the Source of all there is. 
Our healing is the gift we offer to oursevles and to others. Understnding the code that is encrypted in our DNA is the key that unlocks all hidden potential and upgrade our genetic material to our quantum selves.

Relationship Reading

Posterity Blueprint

1,30 hrs / 650 euros in full payment

or 3 instalments of 250 euros each



A service to Posterity and the Future Generations of Light Leaders!


Our children are the new generation of upgraded multidimensional beings, who are here to actually inhabit and build the New Earth. In this New Era rising the next generation is gifted with an elevated energetic blueprint, more expanded than their parents, more empowered, and more significant. 
Our duty as parents, and so as guides, in this transitional season is to provide them with full knowledge of who they are, both their humanity and their divinity, their heritage from the past, and their mission for the future. We are here to be the bridge for them and create the educational foundation so that they can fully unfold their gifts and their charismas.

This duty requires us to know in depth the frequential original imprint that they carry so that they can dive as soon as possible into their multidimensional nature.
What powers do they hold? What starseed signatures are waiting to be expressed? What is their primary intuitive gift and how can it be elaborated for the highest good of all? How can they open up unapologetically to interdimensional contact? What is their Soul's Mission in this lifetime? How can they balance their unique union code of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy within? How can they collaborate and share their gifts with the world? 

These are some of the questions that I will help you answer about your child. I  help you understand the energetic blueprint of his/her soul as it is imprinted in the natal astrological chart through a quantum astrology interpretation and understanding.

Together we will restore the meaning of the frequencies that your child holds within its energy field and you will learn to map down how to guide it in this New Era.

The goal is for you as a parent to assist your child to come in touch with its multidimentionality and so  fulfill its greater potential with ease and grace!

My personal experience as a single mother of two highly intuitive teenagers who needed to learn how to embrace their charisma and how to navigate the world through it has led me to create this service as one of the most sacred ways to fulfill my own Mission as a Light Leader and contribute in building a brighter future for humanity through understanding and helping our CHILDREN, the prosperity of this world!
Let's invest in our children's future by understanding who they are and who they can be in a world ever-changing!

Let's do this together! As Conscious Parents!

yearly Transit Reading
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Jupiter:  your expansion blueprint 

350 euros / 1 hr

This is a quantum reading of the Jupiter placement in your natal astrological chart.

Jupiter is the planet that holds the frequency of expansion, abundance, luck and faith. It's the planet that brings gifts. It's been called the Santa Claus of the Universe.

Everyone has a specific, unique placement of Jupiter in their chart. This is why the codes of this energy have a unique meaning and potential. How is expansion meant to be expressed through you for your highest good in this incarnation? 

The sign, the house, the degree, the aspects with other planets, points, energy portals, star portals etc have a unique significance that helps Jupiter activate its gifts in a way that can not be copied by someone else. Only you can activate and express it.

Understanding our expansion codes helps us understand how we can show up in a way that we don't block expansion or abundance but also in a way that we don't fall into the shadow aspect of it. 
In which area of your life are you coded to fulfill the expansion? Is it for example in the second house of earned income or is it in the eleventh of groups and communities? Is it aligned with major energy portals so that you know exactly which days during the year to manifest and take action or are there limitations that you need to overcome to fully taste the opportunities the Jupiter brings?

When is your next Jupiter return meant to take place  - Jupiter back in its natal placement - the time of full activation of these codes?

Unlocking the meaning of your Jupiter frequency is the greatest gift you can give to yourself since it puts your in perfect alignment with your expansion potential and helps you consciously express it in the physical and manifest with ease and grace.


*Please note: All purchases are in Euros.
There is a no refunds or transfers policy. All bookings are final. By clicking purchase you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, and are committing to completing all payments. You understand this is a financial commitment for the duration of your payment plan or if you pay in full. 

 Connect with Domna!

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