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Chiron your healing blueprint reading

Decoding your healing frequencies

  • 1 h
  • 350 euros
  • Location 1

Service Description

This is a quantum reading of the healing frequencies in your natal astrological chart through your Chiron placement. Chiron or the Wounded Healer is an asteroid that holds all the frequencies of how your healing energy can be expressed, activated, implemented and finally be of service to others in this incarnation. Since every placement is unique in a chart, the way that healing can be embodied through you is also unique. The sign, the house, the degree of Chiron as well as the aspects with other placements, points, energy portals and/or star portlas in your natal chart hold a specific frequency. That means a specific meaning of how this can be emotionally, spiritually, physically expressed fully. Understanding our deeper healing frequency helps us navigate all trauma-based reactions, cleanse all energetic blocks and align with the light that our wounds - even from past lifes - hold. Our wounds are a portal to higher states of consciousness and to our connection with other and the Universe. One of the most significant aspects of decoding the Chiron frequency is the way that we can eventually show up for others and use our own healing journey to be of services to the collective and help others heal their own wounds and overcome all trauma-based reactions that keep us stuck in lower vibrations. It's no coincidence that the symbol of Chiron resembles to a key. Because it is. Our healing, from past-life to ascestral and from transgenerational to intergalactic is the true path to understanding the Cosmos and joining the great family that is the Universe, the Source of all there is. Our healing is the gift we offer to oursevles and to others. Understnding the code that is encrypted in our DNA is the key that unlocks all hidden potential and upgrade our genetic material to our quantum selves.

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