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Twisted Circle

Quantum Thinking Portal

Quantum Thinking is a series of custom-made coaching programs, masterclasses, lectures, workshops and masterminds especially designed to initiate all miracle-dedicated souls to a new, multidimensional way of being. It is a portal to the future!

Night Skies

Initiation to Quantum Thinking

This is a year-long program of 1:1 coaching program, where I guide the initiate into the depths and

heights of the Quantum Work, through various techniques and healing methods. It is a custom-designed, in-depth process of connecting the DOTs of consciousness within and without. 

No spots are currently available. 

Purple Glow

The School of Light Leaders

Every single week a masterclass on  Consciousness studies will be held online. I will be guiding you through the mysteries of the Cosmos, the Science of Consciousness, Astrology, Numerology, Spirituality, Mystery Teachings, Philosophy, Ancient Civilisations, etc where we will be exploring together the magnificence of the Universe!

Upcoming Seminar:

Hacking the 3D Control Dramas

September 24th, 2023

17.00 Athens - 15.00 London -10.00 New York

Live through Zoom

Investment 137 Euros

As proposed by James Redfield in his book Celestine Prophecy, there are 4 basic patterns of behavior and thought that 3D has imposed in our everyday lives to achieve mind control. He describes them as Control Dramas, roles that we humans subconsciously play daily in all areas of our lives, in order to gain control over others and exchange energy. 


Once these patterns can be recognized, conscious humans can then choose to engage or disengage, to break free and alter, and rise higher in consciousness so that they can get out of the Control Tactics. 

This awareness serves as the first step for transcending into the 5D. It mostly works like a fast-track ticket to ascension, alongside healing, inner work, expansion of consciousness, knowledge, love, and compassion.

Join me on September 24th in a 2h Quantum Seminar where we will dive deeper into these Control Dramas, learn how to recognize them in others and in ourselves, break free from mind control, protect our energy field, curate the frequencies entering our biofield, and ultimately gain our power back by choosing differently.

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