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Divine Ephemeris

Welcome to THE DIVINE EPHEMERIS group and membership!

This is an energy space where I will be delivering exclusive content about more subtle astrological events, activations, and more importantly reactivations of sensitive energy points like previous energy portals of conjunctions, rare astrological events, and previous eclipses, as well as star portals beyond the well-known ones (pleiadean, sirian, lion's gate, arcturian) and information that I just don't share anywhere else! 

Why? Because it's sensitive data!!! 

The DE Story

So here is the story behind the creation of this DE group and membership!

On December 1st, I was preparing my monthly newsletter-energy report to the community as usual. So I wrote it, double-checked the spelling, and even sent a test email to myself before hitting the send button. As I always do. Everything seemed all right! So, I  emailed it! 

The next day, as I was scrolling down my email inbox, I just saw it...the title of the newsletter was spelled DEMEMBER...How could I have missed it? 

The good thing is that by now, I know better and I don't punish myself for things like that. You know, we are still humans living an everyday life and things like that happen. So what? But I also know that when there is an "error" in the system, there is also a glitch in the Matrix. In other words, it's just my Higher Self trying to communicate a message from my subconscious mind to the present moment. 

Having that in mind, the misspelling of December all of a sudden appeared like a DE-MEMBER word. Like the word MEMBER was popping in front of my eyes in a way I couldn't miss. So I asked myself, what is my Higher Self trying to tell me here? And I let go of that thought.

The following day, as I was scrolling down my astrological EPHEMERIS to check the frequencies available for 2024, the word "ephemeris" popped into my eyes the same way the word Demember did the previous day. There I recognized a pattern, a sign, a synchronicity. So where exactly was my Higher Self taking me? 

Luckily enough, the word "ephemeris" is a Greek word! It means in modern Greek, a daily newspaper, daily briefing. But its original meaning is very ancient and thus, different. It means "with the purpose of light", in the sense of seeking intentionally the divine sparkle, the internal flame. And that was the moment that inspiration hit me! I was called to break down the misspelling of the word DEMEMBER into DE-MEMBER and create THE DIVINE EPHEMERIS MEMBERship!!! A specific group of miracle-dedicated souls in our community who would love to learn more about in-depth insights into the energy world, subtle activations, and reactivations as we do in an astrological ephemeris. An energy report yes, but a more specific and focused one, for those interested in deepening their knowledge, not just the basic information. An energetic space where I could go into detail about the frequencies available in a way that I cannot do in a live session or in a newsletter where only general information can be delivered.

And so I did! I took action immediately trying to manifest what was divinely given to me! As I always say, intuition hits you in the NOW moment, not before, not after. If you receive an intuitive call it's because YOU can deliver. The Universe does its part of the deal providing you with a vision, you have to do your part of the deal, taking action to meet that vision!

This is how I was divinely guided to create this group which hopefully will deliver useful and insightful content into subtle energies and frequencies of the Universe and how to harness them for your highest good and the highest good of all! You see, in the quantum world, there are no mistakes! Only the Universe talking to you in mysterious ways! All you have to do is listen carefully and trust! And walk into the Portal!!!

Who is the DE memebership for?

This is an energy space specially designed for those who want to dive deeper into what we call Energy Activations. It doesn't matter if you are at the first stages of your awakening or deeper on your spiritual journey. All that matters is that you feel the Divine Sparkle within you burning and that you are keen to learn and activate your energy field and explore the universal frequencies.

As with everything, it will require that you do a lot of work on your own. This is not a one-fits-all formula.

You bring your uniqueness to the table and I bring the knowledge.

Before you know it all that ancient wisdom of universal consciousness will fully awaken within you and you will start feeling the resonances.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to get out of your way, unhook from the 3D notion of Time, and surrender to the resonance!


What's included?

When you become a DE member you get 

  • Emails delivered to your inbox  with elevated and more detailed energy reports of the celestial events of the month ( the number of emails will, of course, depend on the number of activations that will occur in that period)

  • Exclusive content that I do not deliver anywhere else about these activations

  • A detailed explanation of the activations and what they mean

  • Specific practices or rituals that you can apply to harness the frequencies available

  • A community of souls resonating at the same frequency as you

  • Access to a private video and blog posts library about the activations

  • A 20% gift code to use in one of my services  

  • Priority access to future events such as courses, masterminds etc

Still thinking about it? Join me and let me guide you into the magical world of frequencies, vibrations, and activations!!!!

The DE membership comes with two pricing options available 

  1. billed monthly at 47 euros 

  2. billed annually at 498 euros (save 66 euros) 

  In both cases, you can cancel anytime. ​

*please note that all pricing is in euros since this is a European-based company. To convert euros to your local currency, please consult a currency converter with current rates.

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