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Jupiter your expansion blueprint reading

Decoding your expansion frequencies

  • 1 h
  • 350 euros
  • Online

Service Description

This is a quantum reading of the Jupiter placement in your natal astrological chart. Jupiter is the planet that holds the frequency of expansion, abundance, luck and faith. It's the planet that brings gifts. It's been called the Santa Claus of the Universe. Everyone has a specific, unique placement of Jupiter in their chart. This is why the codes of this energy have a unique meaning and potential. How is expansion meant to be expressed through you for your highest good in this incarnation? The sign, the house, the degree, the aspects with other planets, points, energy portals, star portals etc have a unique significance that help Jupiter activate its gifts in a way that can not be copied by someone else. Only you can activate and express it. Understanding our expansion codes helps us understand how we can show up in a way that we don't block expansion or abundance but also in a way that we don't fall into the shadow aspect of it. In which area of your life are you coded to fulfill the expansion? Is it for example in the second house of earned income or is it in the eleventh of groups and communities? Is it aligned with major energy portals so that you know exactly which days during the year to manifest and take action or are there limitations that you need to overcome to fully taste the opportunities the Jupiter brings? When is your next Jupiter return meant to take place - Jupiter back in its natal placement - the time of full activation of these codes? Unlocking the meaning of your Jupiter frequency is the greatest gift you can give to yourself since it puts your in perfect alignment with your expansion potential and helps you consciously express it in the physical and manifest with ease and grace.

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