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The trickster god: when it feels like the universe is playing games with you

The concept of the trickster god is a motif in the theory of myth that describes a divine figure playing consciousness games upon humans in order to redirect their energy and focus, mostly with malevolent intentions (although not always).

It's like that feeling you get when you want - or you think you want - to manifest something and although you follow the guidance given to you be your spirit guides or god or the universe, ssomehow you end up unconsciously leading your lives towards a totally different direction. And then all of the sudden you fid yourself wondering "what did just happen? this is not where I wanted to go. I Know I followed the guidance. Is it all an illusion in my mind? Where exactly did i get lost along the way?". Like it makes no sense.

The thing with the trickster god is that his influence or presence in your lives is only being consciously seen and understood and felt when you look backwards in the past and connect the dots of your intentions and thoughts and actions. You might feel that you were somehow misled or that you were trapped to believe in false guidance or even fooled, but if you look closer to the trajectory of your life, you'll realize that this was the optimal way to go. You just had no clue at that time, you were being redirected.

And yes, this very often hurts. Like what "what was I thinking?".

From ancient myhtologies to religion studies and from there to contemporary psychology and neuroscience, the trickster god pattern of thought and behavior has been widely and thoroughly studied. What is actually going on when a human being trusts fully the divine guidance received or his insticts and intuition and somehow ends up to be at total different place than the one that he originally expected? Is God or the gods or the Universe playing games with humans? Is it the intelligent ancient god Hermes or the christian devil or reptilian undercover ET forces infeltrating human minds, misleading humans to their pleasure, having fun by messing things up? Or is it really a higher inetelligence guiding humans in love through ways that still remain a mystery to the human limited perception of reality and how the Universe actually works?

In spiritual terms, the things with the trickster god are more simple. Becaude everything is actually more simple than they appear, when you decide them to be so!

The trickster god is a pattern of thought and behavior used by the higher self, the Soul, very cleverly to overcome ego's limitations and the 3D conditionning. When there are a lot of limitations governing your perception of the world and your Soul longes for evolution nad growth, there is many times no other option available for the higher self but to intervene and to temporarily give you a bait of what you think you want, just to keep the ego mind busy in persuing that goal, while the higher self is finding new ways to redirect you to where exactly you need to go for the optimal expansion of your consciousness. So while you think you are directed towards a specific direction - the one you think you need or want- you are actually being led to the place where your growth trully lies.

You see, we are all so very restricted in our perception of the world by programming and conditionning and by our own ego, that we might be blind to what is actually more beneficial to us and to what our soul was here to fulfill. Thankfully, our higher self always remembers. And from times to times, he/she steps in, takes charge over our actions, bypasses limitations and walls and eventually leads us to our true destination.

And then we "wake up" one day wondering what went wrong, why we were misled, why our lives changed course, why me missed our goals, why we forget our destination, why we passed by opportunities etc, when we were divinely guided all along towards our most beneficial course of life.

Many times that trickster god may appear as an illusion, a dream you never reached, an unfulfilled love, a wish that never came true. If you pay close attention to your life and the way you lead it, you will see a pattern on how that trickster god appears in your own life. And then you will know, in which ways and how many times your higher self had to intervene to get you to where you needed to be. That pattern is your goldmine in this lifetime. It holds so much valuable information about how you perceive the world, the illusions you had created in your mind in order to safely navigate that world, the inner work that you need to do and the healing your need to hold space for energetically in order for you to evolve spiritually and emotionally and mentally.

So next time that you think that God tricked you and played games with your life, look closer. That trickster god was YOU and only YOU all along, pointing to a different direction. You were just to blind to see it back then. But now you can. Thank him for his presence and ask him to step aside. It's now time to integrate him into your quantum self. No illusions needed anymore.

Because there always comes the time when the Truth and only the Truth feels like the safest way to go.

Say goodbye to the trickster god and welcome your new conscious, awakended self!!!

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