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Saturn and Jupiter in sextile at 8 degrees: the foundation of abundance

Today February 14, the Universe had no better way to express its Love to us than to provide us with a very supporting frequency, the sextile of Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus, at 8 degrees!!

Saturn is the planet that holds the frequency of mastering physicality, of manifestation, of Time, of hard work that can pay back dividends. In Pisces, Saturn is empowering our sense of wholeness. It's creating the context for humans to transcend the traditional concept of Time and initiates us to Quantum Thinking.

Jupiter on the other hand holds the frequency of abundance, luck, expansion. Whatever Jupiter touches gets multiplied. In Taurus, it invites us to expand our notion of possession and ownership, of material abundance, of our grounding abilities.

Synchronistically, this sextile occurs at 8 degrees, the number that also holds the frequency of abundance and infinity.

In other words, this frequency reminds us that the miracle is our responsibility. We hold the power to create abundance since we are One with the Source and Source IS by definition abundant. Waiting for something just to occur is not a responsible and sovereign attitude. Activating the miracle is your task Light Leaders!

Remember, the Mars-Pluto conjunction at 0 degrees of Aquarius is still active empowering us every step of the way.

The timeline is already there, in resting mode, as a potentiality in the Quantum Field. It needs our Presence, our elevated consciousness to fully unfold and thus to be activated.

What steps would you actively take today towards your optimal timeline? What foundations would you need to set for your cup to overflow? Why??

The why holds the intention. Grasp the love of the Universe today by making things happen!

And so it is 🙏

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Thank you now the last 3 years make total sense now and so it is ❤️🙏


Oooooh it's that "why" ☺ ....the why that drives us achieve the why. I've found the why In Japanese's called "Ikigai". Working towards that why is fundamentally my goal. Achievable for sure. Hard work...guaranteed...Succes ☺ ultimately yes. 🙏 🙏 🙏

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