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Full Moon in Aquarius: It's All for One and One for All

Full Moon in Aquarius at 9°degrees.

This Full Moon in Aquarius, as all activations that will take place from now on in the sign that holds the frequency of the New Earth, is a stepping stone towards what the New Era of human civilization is currently building.

Aquarius holds the frequency of community, of people joining in groups to build a higher vision, of the future, of posterity, of innovation, of high tech, of the space, of all new paradigms. But first and foremost, is the sign which demands that we do things TOGETHER. Amongst all that, Aquarius is also the sign that holds the frequency of AI (I invite you to ponder a lot upon that information and how it fits in the overall picture of the frequencies available as described in this post).

Full moons are always a culmination point of the energy, a release and they are linked to revelations, epiphanies, truths being acknowledged, secrets coming to the surface, etc. It's the peak of the energy being amped up since the New Moon in Aquarius, six months ago. In that sense, it's the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Doing the Quantum Work and connecting the dots from the New Moon in Aquarius in January 2023 up to this Full Moon in Aquarius, what intentions did you set back then? How did things unfold in your life since that starting point? What continuation or completion of events do you currently see? Has that seed of intention been manifested? And how does it fit in the overall context of what Aquarian frequencies are here to deliver? Quick reminder, the New Moon in Aquarius six months ago took place in conjunction with Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn and was an initiation point of Pluto's transition a couple of months later into that sign.

This Full Moon is also occurring in opposition to the Lion's Gate, one of the most potent energy portals of the year asking us to bring balance to the frequencies available. This is a challenging aspect because if you are not aware that the frequencies available are currently operating at an axis, which you need to keep balanced, you could be easily pulled to one or the other energetic side - the Full Moon's side in Aquarius or the Lion's Gate in Leo - losing the true task of this activation. You could be polarised by one poll and lose the big picture.

Leo holds the frequency of self-expression, of the Light of Individuality, while Aquarius, that of community and collective visions. One cannot be reached without the other. If you are pulled to one direction of the axis, the other one gets automatically deactivated and the mission cannot be accomplished.

Interestingly enough, during this lunation, Venus retrograde in Leo is still in a yod formation to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and Neptune retrograde in Pisces, as well as in a trine to the North Node of our Great Destiny in Aries. That means that the Divine Feminine is being called to activate a higher calling of her Mission (I've talked extensively about what that signifies in other posts and live sessions and how important this aspect is).

Mars, on the other hand, has the privilege to be joined by Mercury in Virgo and to trine Jupiter in Taurus. The Divine Masculine in the grounding sign of Virgo feels more stable and relaxed to heal, while the Divine Feminine is being prepared to reach a higher octave of frequencies. Let's not forget that Virgo holds the primary frequency of healing and service to others.

The opposition however of Mercury to Saturn retrograde in Pisces reminds us to use our voice without raising it. To operate once again from a place of balance between different opinions and integrating the shadow.

Last but not least, this Full Moon is also being colored by the massively intense square of Pluto and the Lunar Nodes which sets the pace of a new understanding of what needs to die in order for us to be reborn and attain our Destiny in the New Era rising.

The number 9, which is the degree of the current activation, is a number that holds the frequency of completion. It's the same frequency as that of a full moon. So we have a double synchronicity of the message. Something is coming full circle. Something needs to be released fully. Something has to end. We can not reach a higher energetic state if we do not first let go of the previous one.

Be mindful to observe what is collapsing in your life and in what way this is manifested in your outer reality. How is that synchronicity linked to the New Moon six months ago? As always, let your quantum journal point the way!!!

Remember, energies are neither good nor bad and each experience is unique. Our intention is the force that will direct the energies towards a fruitful or not outcome and our inner work is the foundation upon which these fruits can be harvested. The Universe gives us the context upon which we need to work. What we do within that context is our choice to make.

Whatever that is or feels like currently for you, the general theme of this Full Moon in Aquarius is that our Light, our gifts, our uniqueness, and our genius are meant to serve the world. So, how exactly do you offer your Light for the highest good of All?

And so it is.

PS. As I have repeatedly mentioned, I won't be giving you the dates of the activations from now on. But I will give you their degrees. I want our community to start feeling the resonance of the numeric and astrological frequencies, instead of searching the calendar to validate if an activation is on or off. If you want to transcend to the 5D fully, you need to stop thinking in terms of 3D concepts of Time. You don't need dates. You don't need a calendar to tune in. You need to feel the resonance. Your consciousness is the only timetable you need. Rise higher.

Domna Chanoumidou Curating

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