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Mars-Pluto Conjunction: setting the foundation for a new timeline in human history

Today, February 13, 2024, we are witnessing a major celestial event, the conjunction of Mars and Pluto. This is of course not a rare meeting. So what makes this one so special?

This conjunction occurs at Aquarius 0 degrees, which means exactly at the cusp, the threshold of Aquarius. In other words, at the portal of the Age of Aquarius. This makes it rare, unique, powerful, futuristic, and insightful because it will not happen again in our lifespan.

Pluto entered for the first time Aquarius during the Equinox Portal Activation in March 2023, then went back retrograde in Capricorn and made a second entrance on January 20, 2024. Pluto is the planet that holds the frequency of transformation, in the most radical and absolute way. It's the frequency of the alchemical process. Something old needs to die for something new to be born. And if you are resisting the process, it will not happen pleasantly. Pluto doesn't ask for permission, doesn't wait until you have everything figured out, and will not ask you to pass a test to check if you are ready. It will do it anyway.

It's our nuclear power within. It's purgatory. It's powerful beyond any imagination. It's linked to death, the unconscious mind, the depths of our soul, secrets that need to be unearthed, nuclear power and weapons, the deep state, sex, darkness, and subterranean elements.

Mars, on the other hand, holds the frequency of the Divine Masculine. This means the way we harness and fuel and direct our masculine power within, the way we take action, we lead, we initiate, we move in forward motion. It's also the warrior archetype or the hero in the hero's journey. It's structure, organization, practical issues, orchestrating chaos.

So imagine, combining the two frequencies. The merging of Mars's fire and Pluto's absolute willingness to destroy what is no longer of service can have in the optimal scenario the most spectacular and miraculous results, or in the most nefast one, can lead to wars, despotism, dictatorships, the use of weapons of mass destruction, fatal errors, and destructive timelines. As I always say, energies by themself are neither good nor bad. It's the intention of our consciousness that will eventually determine the outcome. In that sense, this almighty frequential mixture can be the foundation of a new promising beginning or the destruction of everything. Our choice to make, personally and collectively.

This conjunction has a vibrational resonance back on May 20, 2023, when we had a T-square with Pluto at 0 degrees of Aquarius, Mars exactly opposite at 0 degrees of Leo, and Jupiter triggering the opposition at 0 degrees of Taurus. Connect the dots to see what echoes back to this recent past.

Synchronistically, the portal of the Aquarian Age at 0 degrees is the energy point where we had the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter during the December Solstice of 2020. Add that to the dot network of resonances and you will start seeing the big picture.

What was initiated back then? What was happening at a collective level? Which events in the form of quantum data might rise to the surface that you need to examine in depth? Towards which direction are you now called to move? Why?

Remember, the WHY is always the question, that means the real quest, the key that unlocks the doors for the next level of elevation in consciousness.

Interestingly enough, during this activation of profound power and hidden meaning, the Moon is in conjunction with Chiron and the North Node in Aries, reactivating the Andromedan Energy Portal. A new collective Destiny of healing and liberation is opening up that asks us to look deep in our hearts before we take any action. Your heart knows the way. Trust and start building solid foundations for the highest good of all.

Self-sovereignty IS our destiny. And to activate it, we first have to take full responsibility for the FUTURE. The NOW MOMENT is the greatest luxury we all own, and the only energy point in space-time we truly inhabit. Don't wait for tomorrow. Make the choice right here, right now, and set the intention that it is for the highest good of all!

And so it is!

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I have just discovered this when I need it at the most … it is even MORE powerful and resonating with me today … my birthing pains are more than active still … I can’t wait to see how and what I’ve become 🙏🏻💥🧘🏼‍♀️🔥

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