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Pisces Season: A miracle is on the way

Happy Pisces Season everyone! ✨️♓️

Yes, the Sun just entered Pisces preparing us for the end of a year-long cycle and the March Equinox Portal Activation!

Pisces is the 12th, highest frequency on the zodiac wheel. It represents Wholeness. It's the Source frequency where everything dissolves into Oneness.

Pisces are ruled by Neptune and currently Neptune is in transit through Pisces, amplifying and strengthening our ability to connect to the Source. Dreams, precognition, visions, elevated consciousness, time-traveling, jumping timelines, miracles, manifestation etc are piscean fields because they are the portal to the Source.

This year, the piscean season starts with the Mars-Venus conjunction in Aquarius in a few days - but already active - and the powerful Snow Full Moon in Virgo, and all planets direct promising miracles and accelerated manifestation.

For the next month, pay close attention to your dreams and the way that intuition speaks to you. Everything will be culminated when the Sun will conjunct Neptune just before the March Equinox.

Remember, you hold Divinity within you. You are an eternal Flame ready to perform whatever kind of miracle you wish, if you get out of your own way.

Remember who you are, remember your mission, remember what gets you in alignment and affirm available for the miracle to be delivered through you, for you, as you.

And so it is 🙏

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