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New Era

Building  the  Art  and  Science  of  Consciousness

Foggy Lake

Welcome to the New Era

We live in exciting times in history. We are standing in awe at the dawn of a new civilization, while the human consciousness is currently expanding to

its cosmic dimensions. 

The New Era is the experience of the human incarnation  - called life, from higher states of consciousness. This expanded awareness of its quantum nature gives birth to a new human species emerging from the amnesia of linear 3D Time into the full, total multidimensional Remembrance of existence. 

Image by Vedrana Filipović

As a Light Leader, my Mission in this incarnation is to help others discover, align and fulfill their Soul's Mission.
I intend to guide Light Leaders on how to rise into higher states of consciousness, by bridging the gap between science (the structure) and spirituality (the art) into what is emerging today worldwide as the field of Consciousness Studies.
Through a curated corpus of interdisciplinary teachings and interdimensional guidance I receive as both a scientist and intuitive myself, I am committed to serving Light Leaders in expanding their consciousness, exploring their multidimensionality, and fulfilling their Mission for the highest good of all.

I can help you




Aligning with my Soul's Mission


My name is Domna Chanoumidou.  After a long career in the art industry as an art theorist and curator, I was called to build a higher vision for myself and align it with my Soul's Mission. During unprecedented times in human history, times of chaos and uncertainty, I left behind my well-settled life, followed my inner voice, and eventually founded New Era, an online community of miracle-dedicated souls. As my inner journey into the spiritual realms kept unfolding, so did the expansion and growth of the community, which finally led me to the application of new methods and techniques, the scientific exploration of the field of consciousness, numerous personal spiritual experiences, interdimensional contacts, as well as a new 5D business model. 

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