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Raising your Energy Bar

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Service Description

These are work groups of a limited number of persons (4-8) where we will work together on techniques and practices not only on how to raise your vibrations but first and foremost on how to sustain and integrate the higher frequencies that will enter your field. We will work with all available activations, numeric portals, astrological events, collective events, archetypes, etc, but also individually, with your own personal energetic experiences. Studies have shown that 4-8 persons in a group teaching is the ideal number for personal engagement and collective collaboration for the best integration and and implementation of the information given. The exchange of energy among people who vibrate at the same frequency for a common purpose multiplies and amplifies the shared energy field and the expansion of consciousness. We will meet twice a month, on weekends, following the New and Full Moons of the year. That will give you plenty of space and time to get ready and engage with the quantum work and the techniques and practices that we will map down, This is a year-long program that will give your consciousness the opportunity to fully engage with the terminology and the new concepts, disengage from the old frequencies, and wire up the new ones, but also will give your body the time to adjust to the new vibrations. A whole year is the ideal amount of time for a truly immersive experience to be integrated and fully processed. Let's not forget that the number 12 (12 months) holds the frequency of transcendence! Our first meeting is on Sunday, December 10, just before the New Moon of December 12 and the 12/12 energy portal activation! Are you ready to raise your energy bar?

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